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Directions to City Hall

Bureau of Purchasing

Deborah Beasley
Purchasing Agent

Department of Administration
Bureau of Purchasing
520 Market Street
City Hall, Room 213
P.O. BOX 95120
Camden, NJ 08101-5120
Phone: 856-757-7159
Fax: 856-541-9668

Mission Statement
The central mission of the Purchasing Bureau is to provide the highest quality of goods and services needed by all City departments in a timely basis, and at the lowest possible price. We must maintain the highest ethical standards and follow good business practices. With the cooperation and assistance of all City departments, we trust that the Purchasing Bureau will provide useful municipal services.

Hours of operation are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. To conserve time and ensure you adequate attention, we urge you to make an appointment before coming to Purchasing. Routine "courtesy" visits are not encouraged as they can disrupt the daily workflow.

General Description of the Bureau of Purchasing
For businesses large and small, the Bureau of Purchasing serves as the City of Camden's primary agent in the procurement of goods and services necessary to operate Camden's government. The bureau, part of the Administration Department, manages the citywide purchasing system used by all city departments pursuant to state law and city ordinance.
  • Promote fairness, achieve quality, enhance performance, and to represent the most efficient use of public funds, while meeting the needs of city agencies. Purchasing is responsible for purchasing and/or contracting of equipment and/or supplies for the City of Camden.

  • Quote and bid preparation assistance is provided.

Doing Business with Camden City
The City of Camden Purchasing Bureau obtains price quote, use state contract vendors, bids, and/or RFP process. All City purchases require a purchase order. A purchase order is your assurance that you will be paid. If an individual calls you and attempts to place an order, you are cautioned to request an authorized purchase order be faxed and/or mailed to you and obtain the name and department of the individual. All invoices must cite the purchase order number.

Purchasing staff works very closely with Accounts Payable and Finance to insure that invoices are correct and paid promptly.

Billing and Payment
The purchase order number must appear on all invoices, shipping tags and all correspondence relevant to the order.

Payment is made after receipt of invoice and white copy of purchase order is signed and returned and acceptance of goods and/or services as specified on the purchasing order. Signed purchase order, along the invoice should be submitted to:

City of Camden
Department of Finance
City Hall - Room 213
P.O. Box 95120
Camden, NJ 08101-5120
(856) 757-7060

Sending your invoice and/or purchase order to any other department may delay payment. The City strives to pay all invoices within (30) days of receipt of invoice and acceptance of the order.

Questions regarding payment of invoices should be made to the Accounts Payable Office at (856) 757-7060. You will need to reference the purchase order number when calling with questions.

The City of Camden is exempt from most local and governmental taxes. Tax-exempt identification is located on all purchase orders. Certificates of Exemption may be obtained from the Division of Finance.

Business Registration Certificate
To do business with the City of Camden you must have a valid state issued Business Registration Certificate (BRC). A copy of the BRC must be on file with the City Department of Finance.

Gifts and Gratuities
The City of Camden maintains a strict policy prohibiting the acceptance by its employees of gifts and/or gratuities from any supplier or potential suppliers.

It is the City's desire to maintain a competitive bid process for all purchases and to make awards for bids based on the lowest responsible and responsive bid received. "Lowest responsible bidder" means the lowest bidder whose offer best responds in quality, fitness and capacity to the requirement of the proposed supply or service. Such factors as delivery time, quality, compatibility, references, experiences, parts and services, freight cost, etc., may play an important role in awarding a bid the "lowest responsible bidder." A "responsive" bid is one that is in substantial conformance with the requirements of the specifications, the invitation to bid and the City's contractual terms and conditions. This would also include such things as completeness of the quotation, forms, inclusion of references and attachments and completion of required responses.

State Contract Awards
Various purchases by the City of Camden are made through State of New Jersey Division of Purchasing and Property. If you are interested in becoming a State Contract vendor, please contact:

NJ Division of Purchasing
P.O. Box 230
Trenton, NJ 08625-0230
Phone: (609) 292-4700
Fax: (609) 292-0490

Bid Results
Bid awards are a matter of public record. Abstracts of bids showing prices and awards are available by contacting the Municipal Clerks Office after the award has been made at (856) 757-7107.

RFP and Biding Process
Request for proposal (RFP) and request for bid (RFB) are on an as needed basis. They are advertised in the South Jersey Courier Post Newspaper, which is the official newspaper of the City. Soon they will be available online. Some bids may require a fee for various plans and specifications.

Vehicle Sales, Equipment, Computer and Bike Sale
All sales and auctions are advertised in the South Jersey Courier Post Newspaper. The sales and auctions may be held at various locations. Please call for these directions.

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