The Ombudsman acts as a liaison between Camden municipal government, the business community and constituency. The Ombudsman reports directly to the Mayor and is the initial point of contact for all business and development requests. Duties also include assisting businesses and developers navigate the process of municipal government. Responsible for chairing the Mayor’s Business Growth and Development Team (BGDT is a consortium of leading agencies from throughout the City that are responsible for guiding redevelopment efforts) and crafting policy that governs the team.

Charged with addressing a variety of topics ranging from:

  • guiding redevelopment to ensure consistency with master, redevelopment, and neighborhood plans
  • promote business development
  • pursue marketing/branding initiatives
  • identify project financing
  • identify potential development parcels
  • review business proposals
  • intake abandoned property requests

Business Growth & Development Team (BGDT)

BGDT Forum Presentation