Camden BID

A Business Improvement District is a municipal self-governing body, a public/private partnership, that provides services to specific commercial area properties in the City, such as the downtown, through a public assessment. State laws provide authority for municipalities to create publicly financed BIDs in partnership with their municipality and to designate business-led non-profit corporations to manage the district. BIDs are not government programs. BIDs operate as public-private partnerships (business, government and community) with a singular focus – to improve and sustain business communities by leveraging investment to increase quality of life standards, the customer base, and enhance property values in the district.

About Camden Special Services District (CSSD)
CSSD is the District Management Corporation (DMC) for the Camden BID.  CSSD is a non-profit management organization. The CSSD’s “Yellow Jacket” program has been working exclusively in the City of Camden since 2005 supporting the downtown businesses, government, stakeholders and community by providing enhanced cleaning, landscaping, hospitality and event support. The CSSD hires only city residents as Supervisors and Ambassadors. The non-profit is currently financed by voluntary contributions, grants, and fee-for-service programs. The BID’s funding structure will enable the DMC to be sustainable and focused on meeting the ongoing needs of its district stakeholders and the City of Camden.  For additional information please contact Special service district at Office Phone: 856-823-4282 or Email:

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