Camden “Housing Matters” Survey

Welcome and thank you for your input in completing the Camden Housing Surveys on this site. The results of these surveys will be presented in two housing demand reports evaluating:  public sector employees and residents working and living in the City of Camden.  These reports will be used to better understand where Camden City public sector employees and residents choose to live as well as the demand for rental and homeownership opportunities. The survey data will also help identify gaps in current housing quality and resident needs.   

The Camden Housing Surveys will result in companion reports to an earlier survey, conducted by the Camden Higher Education and Healthcare Task Force (Task Force).  The Task Force issued a report, which focused on their member organizations, employees and students who come to the city every day for work or school.    

How do residents choose where to live?
How much housing should we build?
What services should surround housing?

Moran is asking all Camden residents to visit the city’s website to complete the survey and make their voices heard. Click Here to View Video

Survey Results
Camden Higher Education &
Healthcare Task Force Report
                Public Sector Employee’s Report Residential Report

For additional information contact the Camden Redevelopment Agency at 856-757-7600 or