Francisco “Frank” Moran

Office of the Mayor
520 Market Street
City Hall, Room 400
P.O. Box 95120
Camden, NJ 08101-5120
Phone: 856-757-7200
Email: Mayor@ci.camden.nj.us

As a lifelong resident who raised my family in the city, it is a great honor to serve as the Mayor of the City of Camden.  Camden, New Jersey has a rich history and long legacy as a regional leader for innovation.  Once an industrial powerhouse, Camden like many other urban areas, experienced a period of significant decline. The city began operating with little or no property tax dollars, imposed property tax caps, and suffered from blighted neighborhoods with high crime, significant vacancy rates, a high unemployment rate and very little private investment.

Times have changed as Camden is now witnessing a resurgence.  Because of hard work and a team effort, our City is becoming a model for 21st century urban revitalization. Camden is receiving national acclaim for record setting reductions in crime, improvements in schools, and unprecedented economic growth.

Camden has witnessed nearly $3 billion in new investment as businesses have begun to locate to our City.  We are experiencing the lowest average annual unemployment rate in 28 years.  The City and our partners are undertaking $106 million in improvements to the City park system and open spaces. An addition, $35 million in City road resurfacing and $16 million in water & infrastructure enhancements are underway.  The City’s Eds and Meds are also investing $466 million over the next five-years with an additional $175 million investment planned.  Plus $2.8 million in mass transit upgrades throughout Camden County and South Jersey over the next decade.

Camden remains committed to “Inclusive Prosperity”, placing importance on generating opportunities for residents while improving the quality of life within our neighborhoods.  We are implementing local sourcing initiatives aimed at supporting the City’s small business community.  We have created opportunities for local employment, customized job training and are investing in our youth through summer jobs and other programs designed to establish a pipeline to college and/or a career. We also support local nonprofits and community based developers who are have helped lead the way for positive outcomes in our neighborhoods.

I am pleased to say Camden is realizing new investments thanks to strong public-private partnerships and cooperation at every level of government.  My administration prides itself on working collectively with New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy, the New Jersey Legislature, the State of New Jersey, and the County of Camden, among local agencies to leverage resources in order to take full advantage of Camden’s growth by creating opportunity for our residents, business community and community stakeholders.

Camden remains a City that is home to committed individuals and loving families, proud homeowners and resilient business leaders.  As Camden continues to rise to new levels, we invite you to join us to explore the beauty and opportunities this great city has to offer.

Francisco “Frank” Moran, Mayor
City of Camden