The City of Camden, NJ is excited to launch ‘My Camden NJ’, a new mobile citizen engagement application powered by GOGov.  This application puts the power of city hall in the palm of your hand.  The app is a great source of information for city news, events, service interruptions and updates, and important links to the city website. In addition, municipal staff can streamline important community communications, and information to citizens in ways that are more efficient.  We encourage residents, businesses, and community stakeholders to download the free My Camden NJ App.

The My Camden NJ App consists of two key components: the Citizen Notification & Alert (CNA) Program and the Citizen Request Management (CRM) Program. The Citizen Notification & Alert (CNA) Program is a versatile mobile push notification system commonly used by municipalities and organizations. CNA utilizes multi-channel publishing, allowing content to be delivered through various channels such as mobile, email, Twitter, Facebook, and the website. This ensures citizens receive notifications tailored to their preferences, including location-based and geo-located information, thus preventing them from missing any important updates.  Notifications may include road closures, community events, storm warnings, and emergency alerts. My Camden NJ provides enhanced access to information such as important phone numbers, locations of municipal offices, local parks, and schools, as well as links to the City’s social media pages and website content.

The Citizen Request Management (CRM) Program serves as an all-in-one CRM, 311, and Citizen Engagement software, aimed at improving citizen satisfaction, response time, and internal communications between departments and agencies. CRM enables local government services to be available 24/7. Residents can ask questions, make service requests, and offer suggestions from the comfort of their home, office or mobile device such as the iPhone or Android, thus reducing the need to call or visit City Hall.  Residents can also check the status of their requests, and receive automatic notifications when the request is resolved.  Constituents can report code violations, overgrown grass & vegetation, flooding, illegal dumping, trash/garbage concerns, general questions, and upload geolocated pictures.