Goals and Objectives:

  • To provide accurate assessments of real property for fair and equitable taxation.
  • To review the tax-exempt status of non-profit entities.

Office Operations:

  • Provide information to Departments within the City, county agencies such as the Health Department, Board of Social Services, the Prosecutors Office, Federal Agencies, title companies, creditors, appraisal companies, lawyers’ offices and homeowners.
  • Make assessment for benefits for local improvements and, for that purpose, have and exercise the powers and duties of a Board of Adjustment for local improvements, as provided by law.
  • Maintain adequate assessment records of each separate parcel of real property assessed or exempted and establish and maintain such files, records and procedures as may be required for the valuation and assessment of personal property, pursuant to law.
  • Maintain a current Tax Map of the City as a public record and cause to be recorded thereon all changes in ownership or character of the real property assessed.
  • Receive and process applications for Senior Citizens and Veterans Deductions.
  • Receive requests for tax abatements and agreements, as well as assessment appeals, in accordance with the City’s Administrative Code.