Department of Human Services
Office of Youth Services
713-715 Broadway
Camden, New Jersey 08103
Phone: 856-757-7644

Established in 1975 the Office of Youth Services coordinates and administers a variety of counseling, social, recreational, educational and psychological services to youth and families residing in the City of Camden. They coordinate the City of Camden’s Municipal Drug Alliance Program, as well as the city’s Multi-Agency Life Line (MALL) Program. These activities strive to connect people and resources with effective and innovative programs aimed at reducing substance abuse and juvenile delinquency in our communities.

  1. Clinical Unit and Administration
    713-715 Broadway
    Camden, New Jersey 08103
  2. East Camden
    1035 Reeves Avenue
    Camden, New Jersey 08105
  3. Fairview
    New Jersey & Merrimac Roads
    Camden, New Jersey 08104
  4. North Camden
    6th & Erie Street
    Camden, New Jersey 08102
  5. South Camden
    8th & Carl Miller Boulevard
    Camden, New Jersey 08104