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Does the City offer trash and/or recycling buckets?2020-09-10T15:23:51-04:00

Yes, you can obtain a trash receptacle and recycling bucket at public works.  You can call our office at (856) 757-7132 For further information.

Who is responsible to clean the ally behind my house?2020-09-10T15:55:18-04:00

There are two kinds of alleys here in Camden.  A Drive-Thru Alley and A Fire Alley. Drive Thru Alleys are maintained by Camden City Public Works.  Fire alley is the responsibility of the individual private owner which is attached to the fire alley; to maintain clean and clear of obstructions for your safety and access during a fire.

Do I have to move my vehicle every week even though the sweeper only comes once a month?2020-09-11T08:11:18-04:00

Yes, you are required to adhere to the parking signs on your street whatever or not the sweeper is running.

I want to clean up my block with a few neighbors, Does the City help?2020-09-11T08:13:10-04:00

Yes, We offer tools, such as brooms, rakes shovels, trash bags and special trash pick up. If you are interested, contact our office for a community clean up application.

How do I apply for a handicap parking space?2020-09-11T08:15:24-04:00

Contact the Camden Parking Authority at (856-757-9300) for an application.  This process can take a few months to complete.

How do I request barricades for my block party?2020-09-11T08:18:18-04:00

Applications must be submitted at the Camden Metro Police Department at 856-757-7400, upon approval barricades will be issued to you a day before your event.

How do I get information about a loved one in our City Cemeteries?2020-09-11T08:23:13-04:00

Following is information on who to contact for this information:

OLD CAMDEN CEMETERY – Contact the Camden County Historical Society at 856-964-3333.
NEW CAMDEN CEMETERY – Contact Camden Public Works at 856-757-7362.
EVERGREEN CEMETERY – Contact Harleigh Cemetery at 856-963-0122.

How can i get permission to use a park and/or city stage facilities?2020-09-11T08:32:22-04:00

You can contact our Parks and Open Spaces Offices at 856-968-6418 or call our main number at 856-757-7132 to get applications for both.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of our City Parks and Spray Pools?2020-09-11T08:44:08-04:00

The Department of Public Works Parks and Open Spaces Division is responsible for our City Parks, Spray Pools and Pools. If you have any concerns, Please contact our offices at (856) 757-7132.

How do I get a Building Demolished?2020-09-11T12:02:53-04:00

The Construction Official’s Office is responsible for overseeing the structural Integrity of the City’s Housing stock. You can contact their offices at (856) 757-7032 to report any structurally un-sound property.

Who is responsible for the City’s Street Sweeper Service?2020-09-11T08:37:02-04:00

The City Sweeper Service is overseen by American Water Co. Sweeper Service is normally offered from April to Mid November, Weather Permitting. If you have any questions or concerns about their service you can contact American Water Co.  Directly at (856) 635-1496.  If you would like to report a vehicle that never moves in order for a proper Street Sweeping Service, You can contact The Parking Authority at (856) 757-9300.

How do i dispose of grass clippings, leaves and other yard waste?2020-09-11T12:55:14-04:00

Once you have your yard waste bagged and branches bundled, you can call our offices to get on the schedule for yard waste pickup.

I am doing some repairs to my property. How do i dispose of the construction Debris?2020-09-17T15:01:23-04:00

Waste Management and/or Department of Public Works does not remove construction debris. You Can hire a hauler and or rent a dumpster to properly dispose of construction debris. You can also take the debris to Camden County Landfill in Pennsauken. Their Contact information is (856) 665-8787, You will be charged by weight for disposal.

How do i dispose of furniture and matresses?2020-09-17T15:04:43-04:00

You are permitted up to three (3) bulk (large) items per trash day. Mattresses can be included in your three (3) bulk items however, mattresses must be bagged in plastic to be taken by waste management.

How can i get information about adopt a lot?2020-09-17T15:12:56-04:00

Simply call our public works and we can provide you information on whether or not the lot is available for adoption and provide you with an application.

When will Public Works cut or clean the lot that I called in?2020-09-17T15:17:55-04:00

Once you report a lot that needs to be cut and cleaned out. An inspector is assigned to inspect the location and determine if the location is City Owned and/or Privately Owned.  If privately owned, notifications must be made to the property owner of the violation and given a short time frame to abate the violation themselves and if not answered within that time frame, a citation is issued to the property owner and then it is placed on a schedule to have it cut and cleaned. This can take some time to have the lots cut and cleaned out.

Why is my recycling not getting picked up?2020-09-17T15:21:55-04:00

Recycling is now more controlled and specific. Plastic bags of any kind are not permitted. You can review a specific listing of items that can be recycled to help you get your recycling in proper order to have it picked up. A Specific list of what you can and cannot recycling is on the website.

How do i get a tree cut down in front of my house?2020-09-17T15:26:50-04:00

Anything from your curb to your door (and anything along the side of the house if you have a corner property) is the responsibility of the property owner to have it removed at your cost.  In addition, tree cutting permit must be issued to continue with the work. Tree permits can be acquired at Public Works if you decide to cut the tree down.

Who is responsible for the removal of raccoons and possums?2020-09-17T15:51:55-04:00

Raccoons and possums are considered wildlife. It is the responsibility of private property owner to have such animals removed from their properties at their cost.

How can i get a property boarded up?2020-09-17T15:09:58-04:00

Public Works cannot enter onto private property until proper notifications are issued. You can contact Camden’s Code Enforcement Building Bureau at (856) 757-7032.  Once a board up permit is issued, the construction official’s Office will forward the board up Permit to public works for action.

HOW CAN I GET A VACANT HOUSE CLEANED OUT?2020-07-16T10:59:04-04:00


What is the difference between a pothole and a sinkhole?2020-09-10T13:47:10-04:00

A Pothole is a perforation on the surface of the street. A Sinkhole is the washing away of the ground around a Pothole. Sinkholes can be reported to Public Works and/or directly to American Water at (856) 635-1496.  After hours can be reported at (856) 488-2041.

How do I report a Pothole?2020-09-10T10:32:08-04:00

You can call our offices directly during normal business hours at (856) 757-7132 or our Complaint Hotline any time at (856) 757-7139.  We check our messages twice a day. Weather permitting potholes can be completed within a week. The City of Camden is only responsible for City Streets,  County Street issues can be reported to the County Public Works Department at (856) 566-2980.

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