Administers the enforcement of all city codes to establish a minimum standard of Health, welfare, and well being for all residents; Responsible for coordinating and supervising the interactions of all divisions/bureaus; Establishes missions, goals, objectives; Ensures that the Honorable Mayor Victor G. Carstarphen and the City of Camden’s visions are carried out through proactive communication and joint decision making.

NOTICE: New policy for Approvals of Rental Certificates and Resale of Property

Gabriel Camacho, Director
Department of Code Enforcement
520 Market Street
City Hall, Room 403
P.O. Box 95120
Camden, NJ 08101-5120
Phone: 856-757-7345
Fax: 856-968-4723

If you have any questions, suggestions and/or concerns regarding The Department of Code Enforcement.
Please e-mail me at:

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Animal Control & Human Law Enforcement

The City of Camden is in partnership with Prochamps for the handling of all foreclosures and vacant property registrations.  As per the City of Camden ordinance MC-4818, all property owner must register their vacant property(ies) and pay the fee of $500.00 per property, per year (for as long as the property is vacant).

Prochamps is authorized by the City of Camden to administer their Vacant Property Registration (VPR).

Click here to register with PROCHAMPS

Go to PROCHAMPS at the link above and select “Start Here” in the center of the page.
Enter the community’s name (typically the city/township/county’s name).
Enter the property’s address under “Property Search”.
Select “Verify Registration Compliance”.
Authenticate by entering an email address or mobile phone number that accepts text, to receive a code.
Once you receive the code, please enter it, and click Submit.
Continue filling out the required information.


As a concerned citizen or HOA you can report a vacant and/or distressed property to  PROCHAMPS who will report this concern to local code enforcement for our partner communities and do research as to whether this property requires registration according to the prevailing ordinance.

Go to PROCHAMPS at the link above and select “Start Here” in the center of the page.
Enter the property’s address under “Property Search”.

Click the “Report Property Concern” and briefly describe your concerns and click the Submit.

PROCHAMPS Customer Support contact information:
Phone: (321) 421-6639