The City of Camden has a recreational cannabis ordinance, MC-5371, adopted on February 8, 2022, which allows for a certain number of cannabis licenses in each class in certain zones in the City of Camden. This ordinance, and its amendments, can be found on the left side along with Cannabis Zone Map and the Application for a Recreational Cannabis License. The City aims to provide ample information to Applicants seeking a recreational cannabis license in the City of Camden and the requirements established by the City of Camden. Completed applications, including the application fee, must be delivered to the Municipal Clerks’ Office, City Hall, Room 105, 520 Market Street, Camden, NJ 08101. The envelope shall be plainly marked indicating that a recreational cannabis license application is enclosed. Any incomplete applications will be returned. The City will review the application, including conducting a background check. Follow-up questions, if needed, may be required of the applicant by the Interview Committee. An interview process, if needed, will then take place with a Committee led by the Business Administrator.


MC-5371 also instituted a Transfer Tax on the sale of recreational cannabis. The City of Camden’s transfer taxes as follows:

1. Two percent of the receipts from each cannabis cultivator;

2. Two percent of the receipts from each sale by a cannabis manufacturer;

3. One percent of the receipts from each sale by a cannabis wholesaler; and

4. Two percent of the receipts from each sale by a cannabis retailer.

In addition to a Transfer Tax, MC-5371 also instituted a User Tax on any concurrent recreational cannabis license holder operating more than one cannabis establishment. The City’s User taxes are at the same rates as the transfer tax rates. The User tax rates are to be imposed on the value of each transfer or use of cannabis or cannabis items not otherwise subject to the transfer tax imposed on the license holder’s establishment that is located in the City of Camden to any of the other license holder’s establishments, whether located in the City of Camden or in any other municipality.

Transfer and User taxes are due monthly. Please use the forms on the left to make your Transfer and User tax payments

NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission

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