Human Services

Department of Human Services
North Camden Community Center
6th & Erie
Camden, NJ 08102
Phone: 856-757-7285
Fax: 856-757-7335
Senior Services and Emergency Assistance
Cynthia Paige, Supervisor of Senior Citizens Activities
Bureau of Neighborhood Services
Catherine M. Dunbar, Chief Community Relations Specialist
Bureau of Recreation
Office of Youth Services
Department of Human Services Upcoming Events & ProgramsSummer Job Opportunities 2017

The Department of Human Services – Director’s Office has the primary responsibility of managing the financial and administrative affairs of the Department. In addition, the Office insures that basic social services are made available to all city residents. The office also organizes community special events with the goal of improving the quality of life of all residents.

Social Service Resources
Camden County Board of Social Services
Camden County Dept. of Health & Human Services
Services for Children
City Office of Youth Services
Kid Care ID
Services for Senior Citizens
City Office on Aging
City Monthly Shopping Program
City Quality of Life Emergency PSE&G Program
City Quality of Life Emergency Oil Program
Camden County Division of Senior Services
Older Adult Traffic Safety Program
NJ Live Long, Live Well Walking Program
NJ Info. on Osteoporosis
NJ Division of Consumer Support
NJ Long Term Care Systems
NJ Division of Aging and Community Services
Statewide Benefits For Older Persons
Elder Fraud Investigation Unit
NJ Tax Information for Seniors
NJ Transit Reduced Fare Program