Anthony Lingo

Ray Jones
Vice President

Thomas Johnson
Board Member

Stephanie Crawley
Board Member

The Affirmative Action Review Council was established pursuant to Article II of Chapter 12, Affirmative Action, of the Camden City Code. The Powers and Duties of the Affirmative Action Review Council are set forth in Section 12-8 of Chapter 12. Chapter 12 also established the position of Affirmative Action Officer whose Powers and Duties are set forth in Section 12-9 of Chapter 12 and also in Section 348-9 of Chapter 348, Minority, Women and Veteran-owned Business Set-Aside Program. One of the major roles of the Affirmative Action Officer is to report to the Affirmative Action Review Council with findings related to a Contractor’s compliance with the Affirmative Action Goals set forth in Chapters 12 and 348 of the Camden Code as well as a Contractor’s ongoing compliance with established Affirmative Action goals during the term of a contract.