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ARP FAQs2023-10-22T22:09:51-04:00
1 – What is the ARP Camden Strong Façade Program?2023-10-22T21:50:14-04:00

The ARP Camden Strong Façade Program is an effort to improve the economic growth in areas throughout the City of Camden through façade improvements to businesses.

2 – Which businesses are eligible to participate in the facade program?2023-10-22T21:50:37-04:00

Any business in the City of Camden is eligible to participate in the ARP facade program, there are no restrictions on type of business to apply.

3 – Do I have to be the property owner to apply?2023-10-22T21:51:12-04:00

No, either the business owner or property owner can apply for the facade program. However, if the applicant is not the property owner, they would need to provide a notarized letter with their applications from the property owner giving permission for work to be done on the property.

4 – What types of facade improvements are typically covered by the program?2023-10-22T21:51:52-04:00

The façade program will cover the following types of improvements:

• Windows
• Entranceways/ADA
• Building caps/cornices
• Awnings/overhangs
• Security
• Signs
• Storefronts/walls
• Lighting.

There will be some case-to-case based on requested scopes of work provided by the applicant owner.
Please review the City facade guideline here:

5 – What financial assistance or incentives are available through the facade program?2023-10-22T21:52:10-04:00

This program offers assistance of up to $50,000.00 for exterior improvements to a commercial building within the boundaries of the City.

6 – Is there a limit to the amount of financial assistance I can receive?2023-10-22T22:00:06-04:00

The ARP program offers businesses up to $50,000.00 for facade improvements without any capital required from the applicant.

7 – Can I use outside sources of funds with the ARP façade program?2023-10-22T21:53:57-04:00

Yes, ARP funds can be mixed with other facade grants such as the UEZ facade grant; review here: UEZ Facade Program – The City of Camden.  Mixing both grants can offer businesses up to $75,000.00-$100,000.00 depending if the applicant decides to mix in their own capital as well.

8 – Is there an application deadline for the facade program?2023-10-22T21:54:20-04:00

No, there is no deadline for the facade program. The program will remain open as long as there is available funding.

9 – How many businesses can be expected to receive funding? 2023-10-22T21:54:51-04:00

Currently, there is an expectation of at least 40-50 businesses to receive funding. There are 2 active facade City facade programs, UEZ and ARP, for businesses to take advantage of and will both be used to service as many businesses as possible. Review UEZ Facade Program here: UEZ Facade Program – The City of Camden.

10 – How are applicants being chosen for this program? 2023-10-22T21:55:43-04:00

This program is based on a first come first serve basis and the completeness of an application. Incomplete applications cannot be considered. Note: applicants who apply to both the UEZ and ARP facade program will receive preference.

Review UEZ Facade Program here: UEZ Facade Program – The City of Camden.

11 – How long does the application review process typically take?2023-10-22T21:56:02-04:00

The review process will take roughly 1 week after an application is submitted.

12 – How will I be notified of the status of my application?2023-10-22T21:56:19-04:00

You will receive an email notifying you if your application has been accepted or denied with an explanation of why.

13 – What happens after my application is approved?2023-10-22T21:56:35-04:00

After the application has been approved, notification will go out on the approval along with an inspection date of the business. After the inspection is completed, a bidding process will take place for a contractor to start the work. A meeting will be held with the business/property owner along with the construction manager to start planning the requested scope of work in the application.

14 – Can I appeal a decision if my application is denied?2023-10-22T21:56:53-04:00

There is no appeal process however, applicants are allowed to reapply after they remedy the cause of denial from the first application.

15 – Are there any obligations or requirements for participants in the facade program?2023-10-22T21:57:11-04:00

Yes, once an applicant receives funding from the City of Camden, a 5-year lien will be placed on the property. The lien will be forgiven at the end of the 5-year period. However, if the property is sold before then, the property owner is responsible to pay the funding provided through the program.

16 – Can I hire my own contractors for the facade improvements?2023-10-22T21:57:28-04:00

No, approved applicants will have to use one of the pre-approved city contractors who meets SJCS insurance requirements. The contractors will be made available to approved applicants.

17 – Do I need to provide my own quotes with the application?2023-10-22T21:57:43-04:00

You can provide quotes with your application but it is not required as the contractor will be the one to handle this part.

18 – How do I obtain my Tax Clearance Certificate for my business?2023-10-22T21:58:24-04:00

You may obtain your Tax Certificate online by logging into your PBS account and log into “My New Jersey” and click “Tax & Revenue Center”. You may refer to a detail prompt by clicking: PowerPoint Presentation (

19 – Where can I find additional resources or support for my facade improvement project?2023-10-22T21:58:58-04:00

If there are any questions or concerns, you may have regarding the program you can reach out to
Ruben Peres – Contact #: (856) 966-8117 ext. 221 – Email:

Mayor Victor Carstarphen

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