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Is the City’s BYOB ordinance in effect yet?2024-07-09T18:12:24-04:00

Yes, MC-5501 was adopted on May 14, 2024 and is in effect now.

What does a restaurant have to do to participate?2024-07-09T18:12:57-04:00

Per the BYOB ordinance, the restaurant must meet the definition of a “Restaurant-BYOB” and comply with all of the other provisions of the BYOB ordinance.

Is there a licensing requirement for a restaurant to have BYOB status?2024-07-09T18:13:25-04:00

The restaurant simply has to meet the BYOB ordinance requirements.

Is a “Restaurant-BYOB” allowed to advertise that it permits BYOB?2024-07-09T18:13:48-04:00

Yes, it can advertise both inside and outside of the premises. However, the owner/operator must take into account neighborhood aesthetics in utilizing advertising on the outside of the establishment.

Can an owner or operator of a restaurant which meets the BYOB ordinance’s requirements still decide not to allow BYOB on the premises?2024-07-09T18:14:19-04:00

Yes, the decision to allow or not allow BYOB at a restaurant rests solely with the owner or operator.

What alcoholic beverages are permitted by the BYOB ordinance?2024-07-09T18:14:37-04:00

Only wine and/or malt alcoholic beverages [e.g., beer or similar malt beverages] are allowed.

Can restaurant employees consume wine or malt beverages on the premises?2024-07-09T18:15:10-04:00

No. Only patrons can partake.

When can patrons consume wine and/or malt alcoholic beverages at the restaurant?2024-07-09T18:15:38-04:00

Only when the establishment is open to the public and the patrons are seated for table service.

Can employees of the restaurant check for identification of those patrons believed to be underage?2024-07-09T18:16:04-04:00

Yes. The ordinance permits staff to check for identification of anyone who appears to be under 21 years of age.

Who can bring alcoholic beverages into the restaurant?2024-07-09T18:16:24-04:00

Patrons seeking table service only must bring the wine and/or malt alcoholic beverages with them when they enter the restaurant.

When is wine and/or malt alcoholic beverages allowed in an outside area of the restaurant.2024-07-09T18:16:45-04:00

The BYOB ordinance permits the consumption of wine or malt alcoholic beverages only in a fully enclosed dining area on the premises except where:

  1. An attached outdoor area is fully enclosed by a permanent structure or fence; or
  2. Access to the outdoor facility is through the main establishment or where an employee, at least 21 years of age, is stationed during the hours of outdoor operation at the entrance to the outdoor area.


Can servers assist patrons by providing bottle openers, opening wine bottles, providing glasses and/or ice?2024-07-09T18:17:09-04:00

Yes, if the owner/operator agrees to do so.

Can patrons seated at different tables share wine and/or malt alcoholic beverages?2024-07-09T18:17:33-04:00

No. This is not permitted.

What are the requirements for a restaurant seeking to permit BYOB on its premises?2024-07-17T14:25:36-04:00

Pursuant to the BYOB ordinance, only those restaurants that meet the following definition are allowed to permit BYOB on their premises:

RESTAURANT – BYOB – an establishment in which cooking facilities are maintained and which shall not include a “Restaurant-Carry-Out/Fast Food” as defined herein where no alcoholic beverages are sold and where food and beverages are prepared and sold primarily for consumption on the premises and within a building or similar structure by customers who are served at tables by staff serving them and in which no drive-through facilities are provided at this establishment and which also meets the requirements of Section 181-34 of the Camden Code.

As noted in this ordinance, the BYOB ordinance requires an establishment:

1.            To have “cooking facilities” which are maintained on-site;

2.            To be an establishment where food and beverages are prepared and sold primarily for consumption on the premises;

3.            To serve customers who are seated at tables and served by staff in the establishment;

4.            To not have a drive-through facility; and

5.            To meet all of the other requirements of the BYOB ordinance.


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