Welcome to the Camden Legacy Project, a multi-phase cultural heritage initiative focused on the dissemination and interpretation of untold Camden history—-especially of people of African descent. The story of the founding of this city and this nation was truly a multi-cultural event, however many people who were crucial to the success of this city have gone without recognition and have been forgotten…until now.

This project will re-introduce to the public diverse stories of people with a deep sense of pride and community who blazed a trail, yet often were unseen. Over the years, Camden has progressed from humble beginnings to industrial center, but none of this was possible without the people. The Camden Legacy Project will celebrate these hidden and untold achievements through a variety of interpretive ways, including a historic marker program leading up to the

United States of America’s Semiquincentennial anniversary in 2026. The historic marker program has two configurations: the commemorative bronze plaques called “Stopping Stones” and custom roadside markers. Both will provide signage to commemorate the people, places and events through first-person, primary source-based narratives highlighting a diverse set of stories, experiences and objects related to people of color during the years 1870-1900.

Camden City is built on sacred ground and its people have played a huge part in shaping it within New Jersey and across the United States. Due to the spirit of its citizens, the people of the past have made Camden City what it is, but Camden’s future growth will also be what its people make of it. The people of Camden have many hopes and dreams for the future and to make these dreams come true we must turn to the present by remembering and paying homage to our collective past. The Camden Legacy Project will highlight how these ideas of freedom and equality continue to influence our lives today so we all can experience a fuller and more inclusive history.