Code Enforcement

Luis F. Ruiz, Director
Department of Code Enforcement
520 Market Street
City Hall, Room 403
P. O. Box 95120
Camden, NJ 08101-5120
Phone: (856) 757-7345
Fax: (856) 968-4723
Divisions & Bureaus
Building Bureau

Housing Bureau
Rent Control
Licenses & Inspections
Weights & Measures
Animal Control & Human Law Enforcement

Administers the enforcement of all city codes to establish a minimum standard of Health, welfare, and well being for all residents; Responsible for coordinating and supervising the interactions of all divisions/bureaus; Establishes missions, goals, objectives; Ensures that the Honorable Mayor Francisco “Frank” Moran and the City of Camden’s visions are carried out through proactive communication and joint decision making.

NOTICE: New policy for Approvals of Rental Certificates and Resale of Property