The City of Camden Rent Control Office administer and enforces the provisions of legislation adopted by the City Council for Rent Control on March 12, 1981, as Ordinance No. MC-1719.[2] The specific powers and functions of said Office of Rent Control are set forth in § 650-12 of the Code of the City of Camden.

The office of Rent Control assists landlords and tenants in understating the impact the Municipal Rent Control Ordinance of the City of Camden, may have on their properties and apartments. Technical assistance is provided on a wide variety of rental issues which cover such matters as: which apartments are subject to local rent control laws; what is the legal base rent; what rent increases the law permits; tax surcharges; water/sewer surcharges; major new improvement surcharges; hardship increases; and annual registration requirements. Files on all residential properties are maintained for public inspection if owners and/or tenants have questions regarding a particular property.