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24 01, 2024

Zone/Ward Maps


Both zone and ward maps are made available for participants to review and use to help fill out the application. Both maps can be accessible by clicking the following links: Maps - English Maps - Spanish

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24 01, 2024

Requested Documents


There are a set of documents participants must provide in order of the application to be deemed completed. If there are missing documents, the applications would not be accepted. Please review the checklist provided by clicking the following links: Requested Documents - English Requested Documents - Spanish

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24 01, 2024

Design Standards


The ARP Facade Program follows the same design standards found in the UEZ design standards. These standards are based on the City of Camden’s ordinances and ensure submitted designs are acceptable. Please review the City’s design standards by clicking the following links: General Design Standards - English General Design Standards - Spanish

Design Standards2024-01-24T14:53:16-05:00
24 01, 2024

Mortgage Form


Participants will be required to sign off on a City Mortgage for that will place a 5 year lien. The lien will be forgiven at the end of the 5 years. Please review the mortgage form in full details by clicking the links below. English Form Spanish Form

Mortgage Form2024-01-24T14:52:09-05:00
24 01, 2024

How To Obtain A Tax Clearance


Tax clearance is required for the ARP facade program as well as the UEZ facade program. In order to obtain a tax clearance form, applications must go online to their PBS Portal, (see “How To Become a UEZ Member” for instructions). Applicants will be able to follow the provided step-by-step instructions by clicking here. Click here for the PBS Portal Instructions.

How To Obtain A Tax Clearance2024-01-24T15:15:22-05:00
24 01, 2024

How To Become A UEZ Member


UEZ membership is not required in the ARP facade program, however, it would be beneficial for applicants to register to the UEZ for additional benefits. As mentioned above there is another facade program specifically for UEZ members. To become a member, please click the link below for instructions:

How To Become A UEZ Member2024-01-24T15:15:45-05:00
24 01, 2024

UEZ Camden Strong Facade Improvement Program


This is a separate commercial facade improvement program made specifically for UEZ members in the City of Camden. Applicants of both programs will be able to mix both funds that can provide up to $100,000.00 in commercial facade work. If interested in applying for the UEZ program, please click the link below:

UEZ Camden Strong Facade Improvement Program2024-01-24T15:23:15-05:00

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