Department of Human Services
Administrative Office
Cramer Hill Community Center
1035 Reeves Avenue
Camden, NJ 08105
Phone: 856-757-7508
Fax: 856-757-7335

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Black History Month – February

The City’s North Camden Community Center located at 6th and Erie Streets is currently undergoing renovations.
For changes in locations and contact information click here.

Community Centers are open Monday through Friday 8:30am until 4:30pm by appointment only.
*Closed to all activities due to COVID-19 restrictions

Broadway Center, 714-715 Broadway (10 AM TO 3 PM) 856-757-7210/7095
Cramer Hill Center, 1035 Reeves Ave. (10 AM TO 3 PM) 856-757-7498/7285
Isabel Miller Center, 8th & Carl Miller Blvd. (10 AM TO 3 PM) 856-757-7504
Malandra Hall Center, 1200 S. Merrimac Rd. (10 AM TO 3 PM) 856-757-7366
Martin Luther King Center, 1151 Haddon Ave. (10 AM TO 3 PM) 856-757-7239
North Camden Center, 1000 N. 6th St. (10 AM TO 3 PM) Temporally Closed

Department of Services provides supportive services and programs to the residents of the City of Camden that enhance the quality of life for all its residents. Our scope of services include facilities rental, enrichments programs, emergency services, summer recreation and nutrition for children.