Camden has, for many years, regularly and substantially exceeded the State’s and Camden County’s unemployment rates. The median household income in the City also falls well below State and County rates. In order to take a more holistic approach to the collection of Camden employee residency data, the municipality established Chapter 323 of the Camden City Code requiring the filing of employee residency reports by certain employers in the City of Camden.

The data will help inform public input into decisions made by the City government about the need for, and desirability of, additional employment services, job training, or career training. The City aims to collect a variety of details and wants the standards set for “employers” and “employees” to be based on the definitions set forth in MC-5404. In addition, the City wants to know how both private and public institutions are providing healthcare and prescription access to those employees, how these same places are reinvesting back into our community, and what they are doing to facilitate volunteerism efforts within Camden.

The City would like to know how our community is benefiting from the presence of local organizations, corporate neighbors, and anchor institutions. This is important data because it can be a catalyst for future local legislation to address employment citywide and will help to provide critical opportunities and access to employers hiring Camden residents. This is an opportunity for employers in Camden to “tell their story” about opportunities within their organization and the role each organization plays in shaping the City’s future.

Each Employer, on or before February 1 and August 1 of each calendar year shall file with the City of Camden Clerk ( the Semiannual Employee Residency Report described in Chapter 323. The Clerk may not charge or collect a filing or other fee for the Report. The Semiannual Employee Residency Report due February 1 is a report for a reporting period from July 1 to the ensuing closing date of the prior year December 31st; the Semiannual Employee Residency Report due August 1 is a report for a reporting period from January 1 to the ensuing closing date of that same year June 30th.