Program Overview

The City of Camden Urban Enterprise Zone (the “UEZ”) has established the Camden Strong Macro Capital Improvement Program (the “CSMCI”). The primary purpose of the CSMCI is to provide access to a flexible source of capital/financing for businesses within the UEZ boundaries to develop and expand. The objective is to create jobs by converting business owners into property owners thereby targeting blight within our business corridors.

The program is a five-year forgivable financing reimbursed a paid receipts of work performed. The CSMCI program is a matching pool of money, utilizing equity from acquisitions, machine, and/or equipment. For example, a borrower may obtain 50 percent of project financing from other sources, making the deal attractive to lenders. The program funding is based on sound practices and not as an accessible or easy source of financing. Funding must generate enough of a return in equity that leverages the award giving. Typical uses for funds include:

  • Operating Capital
  • Acquisition of Land/Buildings
  • New Building Construction/Equipment
  • Inventory

The budget for this program is $1,120,000 and the UEZ anticipates funding 5-10 commercial investors. Qualifying investors will match funds dollar for dollar and awards will range from $50,000 to a maximum of $250,000 toward working capital, equipment, inventory and building/land purchases.

Businesses that wish to apply must meet certain requirements to qualify for this Program such as:

  • UEZ membership
  • Businesses cannot have any outstanding license or inspection violations
  • Businesses must be current with payment of all outstanding tax obligations
  • Businesses must maintain their location for five years. Jobs created must be held for the Camden community for five years. UEZ will take a lien position on the site until all reports are satisfied, pro-rated yearly.


Please submit the application and required information via the City’s online portal below.


Credit Report for Principal Business Owner

Sources and Uses of Funds for the Project

Audited Financial Statements for Business if Applicable

Pro Forma Cash Flow Projections if Applicable

Most Recent Business/Personal Tax Returns if Applicable

Landlord Agreement Letter

Performance Work Agreement

Lien Agreement

Discharge of Lien

Loan Repayment Schedule

Required Information

Proof of UEZ Membership

Proof property taxes paid up to date

  • Tax Clearance Certificate: After creating a Premier Business Services (PBS) account all applicants must complete the tax clearance certificate on the same PBS portal. There is no fee for requesting a certificate through the portal.
  • If a paper application is sent by mail the NJ Division of Treasury will return any paper application received from a business that can qualify and register for an account on the Premier Business Services portal. Applicants will be able to obtain their tax clearance certificate immediately online to print and provide a copy as part of the Application.
  • The ONLY applicants who would be required to complete a paper application to obtain their tax clearance certificate would be sole proprietors who use a social security # for their business. The turnaround time for this process can range from 1-2 weeks with a $75.00 fee, $200.00 for 3 day expedited response to the Division of Taxation.
  • NJ Business Portal –
  • NJ Business Portal – (877) 913-6837
  • Tax Clearance Help Desk – (609) 332-6835
  • Any questions or concerns can be directed to


Proof of utilities paid up to date

  • In order for applicants to be considered for the City Façade Program, proofs of up-to-date payments on utilities is required. Applicants must provide the most recent statements from their utility company, sewer, and water as proofs. Failure to provide such proofs will result in the application being marked incomplete and would not be considered for the next round.


Proof of business license

  • Applicants to be considered for the City Façade Program are required to provide proof of their business license registered with the City of Camden. Applicants are encouraged to complete their business registration with the City of Camden if not already. Applicants who do not include proof of their business licenses registered with the City will be marked as incomplete and will not be considered.