Vincent Basara
UEZ Coordinator
Department of Planning and Development
Urban Enterprise Zone Program
520 Market Street, City Hall, Suite 1300
Camden, NJ 08101
Phone: 856-757-7679
Yessica   Sanchez
UEZ Assistant
Joe   Thomas
Economic Development Representative

The City of Camden was designated as an Urban Enterprise Zone in October 1984. The designation prompted by the New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone Act of 1983 authorized the provision of tax incentives and other benefits to businesses in targeted distressed urban areas throughout the State of New Jersey. The intended impact of the Urban Enterprise Zone legislation was the revitalization of the State’s distressed urban communities through the creation of private sector jobs and investment in targeted urban areas.

The Camden City Urban Enterprise Zone Program is administered under the auspices of the City of Camden, and can be reached at 856-757-7679 or faxed at 856-968-4787.

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The UEZ Offers

  • 3.5% Sales Tax Reduction
  • Sales Tax Exemption for Business Owners
  • $1500 Tax Credit for Full Time Employed Residents
  • Subsidized Unemployment Insurance If Qualified
  • Energy Assistance Program for Manufacturers
  • Business Employment Incentives