Daniel S. Blackburn, Esq.
City Attorney

Law Department
520 Market Street
City Hall, Room 419
Camden, NJ 08101-5120

Phone: 856-757-7170
Fax: 856-342-7728
Email: Law@ci.camden.nj.us

Divisions & Bureaus

Welcome to the Law Department


The mission of the Law Department is to provide quality, timely, and cost effective legal services to the City of Camden to enable the Mayor, City Council, and City employees to carry out their authorities and responsibilities lawfully to serve the residents of Camden with the highest level of integrity.

Headed by the City Attorney, the office serves the legal advisor to the Mayor, Council, and all City departments. As such, they provide in-house legal counsel where required, attend meetings, and are responsible for the prosecution and defense of actions and proceedings by and against the City and its employees. Comprised of 18 dedicated staff members, the department consists of well-balanced expertise covering litigation, property and real estate, contracts, risk management, and legal advisory. Our diverse legal professionals each serve as an integral function to providing effective services for the various legal issues facing the City of Camden.

Our main goal is to utilize our skills to the best of our ability, so in turn we are bettering our community.


  • Advising the Council committees and City officials upon all legal questions arising in the conduct of City business
  • Preparing or revising ordinances when requested by the Council or any committee
  • Rendering opinions on legal matters or questions submitted by the Council, its committees, or any City officer
  • Attending all City Council meetings for the purpose of giving legal advise
  • Preparing all contracts and instruments to which the City is a party thereof
  • Preparation of charges and complaints and appearances in court and the prosecution of persons charged with violations of a City ordinance, statute, rule, or regulation
  • Risk Management
  • Affirmative Action Committee